Take My Home

As a young boy, Gopi ran around his village in his underwear being chased by an irate father when he was caught playing truant watching Rajnikanth films. As a grown up, the consequences would be much more dire, but the love story continued.

God, Media, and Tamil Politics

Director Siva Ananthasubramanian describes the history of fanclubs, and why it mattered for a star to declare himself an atheist or believer. He goes on to describe the evolution of the fan system and ways in which it remains powerful.

For the love of a daughter

Mimicry artist Babu talks about life as a troupe dancer, mimicking songs from Rajnikanth’s films. Yet, his own family is often excluded from his performances because of their settings – on makeshift stages erected often without police permission on the streets.

The Phenomenon

This clip introduces the phenomenon of fandom – the events surrounding a film’s release, bathing large cutouts of Rajnikanth with milk, massive street processions, rituals borrowed from religious customs, and frenzied reactions to the star on screen.

The Protagonists

This clip introduces the four protagonists of ‘For the Love of a Man’ — Auto rickshaw driver and long-time fan organizer Ravi Anna, mimicry artist Kamal Anand, Gangster-tuned peanut-seller G. Mani, and small-town politician N. Ravi

With our leader in peril, how can we be at peace?

Murugan, who manages a sweetmeat shop in Sholingur, a small town in Tamil Nadu, talks about what he and his family went through emotionally when his Dear Leader (Anbu Thalaivar), who he never calls by name, was ill and admitted to a hospital in Singapore.

We’ll give our blood for him!

SSRK fan club boys discuss how social media serves as a means of brotherhood, but also to mobilize resources like blood donations in the name of Rajnikanth, who is not even human for them anymore. He lives at a different level.


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